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You can also give via these platforms:

1. KCCC Website: https//

2. Zelle email:

3. KCCC PayPal: 

4. Venmo

5. CashApp:  $KCCCAURORA1

6. AdeAjala Ministries:

7. Pay your tithe & offerings over the phone – You may also call Church Office Line on 7208591737 

8. Drop off your Giving Checks at the Church office @ 1391 Oswego Street, Aurora CO

For questions on giving or technical support please email

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” Matthew 28:19 

SERVICE TIMES: SUNDAY First Service: 8:00 AM, Second Service:10:30 AM | WEDNESDAY: BIBLE STUDY 7:00 PM | FRIDAY GLORY NIGHT 7:00 PM
CONTACT US | 1391 OSWEGO STREET, AURORA CO 80010 | PHONE: (720)859-1737 FAX: (720) 859-2019